by S C Cunningham





“5☆ Dark, Sexy, Dangerous, Compulsive Thriller... A MUST READ!"

"I can't write down how much I am addicted to this dark sexy thriller. It just keeps getting better and better!  By far my favourite series of 2018!  Bring on the next book!”

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“It’s very rare that a book leaves me speechless, but this one did! If you think the first book in the series, The Penance List, was a mind bender, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Cunningham somehow topped the action and the suspense in this one. 5 Stars.”

“I have never had a writer make me question things or had me in such an emotional state before. That proves to me how incredibly talented she is! Not many writers can say they make readers feel that way! I have no clue where the next book will take me, but I’m absolutely sure it will be quite a ride!”

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“Wow, oh wow, how could SCCunningham have topped the brilliance that was The Penance List? I didn’t think it was possible until I read this one Unfinished Business. The title says it all, Unfinished Business indeed! “

“I started reading Unfinished Business one afternoon, as soon as I started my plans for the evening disappeared, I was hooked. The pages seemed to turn themselves; my cup of tea went cold as I was delving deeper into the dark and disturbing world SC Cunningham has created. I adore SC Cunningham’s writing style, I don’t know how she has done it but this series is just fabulous and kept me hooked way past my bedtime.”

“Unfinished Business was dark, brutal, raw and at times funny – a mix that I’m starting to love with SC Cunningham. I can’t wait for the final book in the trilogy and to see how this brilliant series will end.”

Katies Book Cave Reviews

“The writing was nothing less than first-rate and I lived for this wily author’s cunning and clever lashings of wit and titillating humor. S. C. Cunningham is obviously an evil genius with serious word voodoo. Her characters were enigmatic, alluring, deeply flawed, and fascinating. Not one of them was who they seemed or without dark secrets of their own. David must have a magical wang as all his past lovers still find him highly desirable, despite his unsavoury crimes, twisted behaviours, murderous intent, and previous attempts to kill them off.”

“I am enjoying this dark and twisted series far too much and continue to worry what that says about me. This story has me in knots and I am enthralled and intrigued by this ingeniously crafted, maddeningly paced, unpredictable, action-packed, tautly written, and salacious tale. Laced with betrayals, hidden agendas, secret identities, passionate and sensual love stories, and more scream-worthy twists and turns than a carnival ride.”

“I am now stamping my little foot in a pique over the heinous cliff-hanger and totally conflicted in whom to root for as the ending turned everything upside down. I sincerely hope Ms. Cunningham is currently locked in her office while chained to her computer and banging out part three. I have but two words for her – please hurry!”

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“The first book in the series, The Penance List, I absolutely fell in love with. I could not wait to get my greedy hands all over Unfinished Business. I am happy to say SCCunningham certainly delivers on all of the expectations I had for this story”

“Unfinished Business takes everything that I loved from the first book in the trilogy and steps it up a notch. Cunningham surely delivers weaving a blend of darkness and light into her stories. She takes some heavy subject matter such as child sexual abuse and while she could keep the story dark, she inserts lighter moments between Tara and her friends.”

“If you love a good psychological suspense, witty banter, and shockingly honest sexual encounters that put most erotica to shame then you will LOVE Unfinished Business just as much as I did. This is a series that should not be missed. S.C. Cunningham is a skilled writer that gets all up in your face with the shock factor and does it with a style and flare that not many can accomplish.”

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“Brilliantly crafted, visual and devious, "The Penance List" will get you to experience the story as if you were a part of it. Each characters' interactions leads to actions that makes the reader anxious for every page, an in the end the grand finale makes you want to grab the next book as fast as you keep.”

“The flow of the book was great and it never let go of my attention. As we go deeper and deeper into this crazy and sinister plot, we get to know more the characters. They all are complex and flawed character, which gives the book an even real feel to it. With intense sensual scenes, suspense and gruesome moments, and the thriller that started to run through my body as I was reading... I can almost guarantee that you will go on an unexpected journey through this psychological thriller.”

“I enjoyed every minute while reading this book and I couldn't seem to stop reading at night despite all the darkness of the book. And I absolutely recommend it if you guys are willing to adventure into this dangerous and unusual Thriller.”

Jess Bookish Life Reviews

“While I was reading Unfinished Business I was always expecting something to happen. Maybe because S. C. Cunningham’s writing style is so engaging and you feel like you are in the book, living all those scenes with the characters. And that’s just means the writing style, storyline and characters create a connection with us.”

“The beauty of this book, you really do get stuck in this vortex of events and darkness and instead of coming out, you just dive in more and want to know what’s going to happen next.”

“S. C. Cunningham is capable of giving us enough light and fun moments for us to be able to just keep reading and balancing the strong subjects. And I’m talking about dark subjects, because she could go really dark with some subjects, I’m talking about sad, strong, infuriating subjects, like child abuse for example. The fact that the author could balance the amount of information dark and light is fantastic and just perfect.”

“I’m so damn happy I read this book (and the first one) because it’s a different series from the books I have read in the past few years, and I think I needed this genre and the way it is presented to just cleanse my mind and just get out of my comfort zone. This book did not disappoint me and it was fantastic. I recommend it to everyone that wants a book that is an unusual Thriller.”

Jess Bookish Life Reviews

“Good God talk about a forbidden romance. Is it crazy that the psychological twisted-ness and über forbidden nature of the relationship between charismatic, sexual predator, David, and his oh-so-willing-and-eager victim, Tara, made this story all the more intriguing? I suppose the answer would probably be, “Yes”…”

“Of all the iconic and famous victim/victimizer love stories that have ever graced the small screen: General Hospital’s Luke & Laura storyline and One Life To Live’s Todd & Marty storyline come to mind. Show runners, quite incredibly, took two supremely, universally hated mentally tortured male villains into fan favorites after reforming their wicked ways which, in both cases, included brutally raping their soon-to-be love interests. Well that’s what we have here in Unfinished Business and S.C. Cunningham has done much of that same risqué, daring, and incredible work that show runners of early GH and OLTL did.”

“While taking us through the upside world of Tara loving a madman and actually being flattered by a madman’s obsession for her, Cunningham continues to responsibly emphasize that Tara’s -isms are -isms unique to Tara. Obviously this girl is not the norm. Cunningham also responsibly emphasizes that although David was mistreated throughout his life, that this still provides no excuse for his current abhorrent behavior.”

“In Unfinished Business you will find a love story which will intrigue and leave you awake in the middle of the night staring at your ceiling still thinking about these characters. In these pages expect to find: Passions on top of passions – Obsession – Desire - Kill Lists - Psychological corruption - Psychological dependence - A daring escape - A love triangle spanning countries, and Tara fighting not only David, but her true nature to love the extremely unlovable.”

The Novelette, Writers Block Reviews

“The author brings a lot of the harsh realities of human behaviour and their thought processes together, and connects all if it with a fascination for base instinctual coupling and interactions.

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“I really like the suspense in this series and want to know how it will end. I am so frustrated with Tara. I look forward to the final book in the trilogy. I only hope that it ends the way I am hoping it does. I love the twists that come out in this book and the suspense of what will happen, who someone could be, and the finality of this story keeps my intrigue in this series.”

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“5☆ Dark, Sexy, Dangerous, Compulsive Thriller... A MUST READ! Unfinished Business is the second book in the series and wow what a series. I'm addicted! It's dark, steamy, manipulative, sexy, dangerous, intimidating psychological thriller and I loved it! S C Cunningham draws you in as you hold on to her every word. A little flush under the collar and most definitely gets your pulses racing”

“The sex scenes are pulsating, hot, sexy, steamy, the characters are desperately flawed but I couldn't help liking them, even David and his manipulative psychopath.”

“The plot is very dark, compulsive, thrilling, enthralling, edge of your seat page turning.”

“I can't write down how much I am addicted to this dark sexy thriller. It just keeps getting better and better! By far my favourite series of 2018! Bring on the next book!”

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“The Penance List completely threw me for a loop and I couldn’t wait to read Unfinished Business. This series will have you emotionally through the ringer.”

“This time we learn even more about David’s childhood and how this monster was shaped. It’s pretty dark and brutal but you can’t help feeling for him. A child is an innocent and you can’t help but feel for what he went through. But you can see how it shaped him into the present monster. Tara is completely suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. Although she is afraid of David she also is draw to him after her ordeal. Although it might not seem logical, you see this happening all the time with kidnap victims. And the ending? I wanted to slap her silly.”

“This is a dark thriller that will keep you breathless from the terror and sex.”

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Author S C Cunningham

“I thoroughly enjoyed the first book in the series, The Penance List so I was very keen to get started on this one – the characters in the series are a bit quirky but very likable and I warmed to them straight away.  The series has a great concept, it is executed extremely well and it is very enjoyable to read.  Highly entertaining, excellent, a five star read for me – I am very much looking forward to reading the third instalment!!”

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