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Discover a host new Authors - FREE books, grab a few and cosy up on the sofa, whether you love Romance, Adventure, Thrillers, Murder Mysteries, Horror, Crime, Paranormal, Steamy 50 Shades of fun or spine-chilling Action, there may be something here for you.

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Steamy Psycho Rom Thriller  FREE

The Penance List: a skilled mix of fueled tension, dark humor and pulsating sex scenes.  Grab a glass of wine, close the bedroom door and read alone!


Paranormal Rom Thriller  FREE

The Deal: do you believe in Angels? then buckle up... Kick-ass, head-spinning, avenging vigilante Angels dishing out tough karma from a hi-tech MI5'esque HQ in the skies. The only evidence of their earthly visits, a white feather sashaying to the ground. Be careful what you wish for...


Autumn Romance, Erotica Giveaway

1st Sept – 30th Nov 2018

Romance and Erotica Books for You! Claim as many books, as you like. Have a beautiful Autumn full of Romance and Love!


Fall in love with Romance Giveaway 

21st Sept – 31st Oct 2018

What could be better than a walk in the woods on a crisp Autumn day? Coming home to cozy up with an e-reader full of new stories, novels and previews from some of the freshet voices in the romance field today? Download some dreams, claim a new happily ever-after as your own. All for free! An exciting group of writers, where great stories and great readers meet!


Autumn Heat Action & Thrillers Giveaway

1st – 31st Oct 2018

Are you into heart-racing, spine-tingling, edge of your seat, page-turning action and thrillers? Well, this is the giveaway for you! Explosions, car chases, shootouts, and heart-pounding suspense, this giveaway has it all! Trust me, you don't want to miss out.
All of the Autumn Heat authors thank you for your love and support. We all hope you enjoy our books.


New Adult Fiction & Romance       

1st - 31st Oct 2018

A sampling of all New Adult Fiction and Romance has to offer. From Steamy Romances to College Adventures and beyond.


Dark Romance Giveaway           

1st Oct – 1st Nov 2018

Looking to read something a little darker this Halloween season? We suggest you select one of these dark romance books/short stories


Valkyrie & Ancient Mythology Books

8th Oct - 30th Nov 2018

Vikings, Vaikyries, and Gods, oh my! Ancient mythology has never been this sexy.


Labyrinth Adventure Giveaway    

2nd Oct - 2nd Nov 2018

Ready for a new Adventure book to read? Check out these great titles! Happy reading!


Horror, Halloween, Thrillers         

4th Oct - 23rd Oct 2018

You’re descending into the Realm of Scary. The Mysterious will clash in a deadly battle with Night Terrors. Be careful walking alone, remember to lock the doors, and make sure the 911 Hotline is on auto dial. Read at your own risk !


Come to the Dark Giveaway       

5th Oct – 6th Nov 2018

Dark Fantasy and Horror and other dark fiction. Paranormal heroes and dangerous creatures. Ghosts, demons, ghouls vampires. This is the promo that will freak you out.


Winter Reading Giveaway

13th Oct - 30th Nov 2018

Free books to take with you on holiday or to read at home. Seize the opportunity and stock up your bookshelf with new stories from independent authors. There's a wide variety of books to find a new favorite author. Since the books are free. You don't lose anything... perhaps, try reading a book that you usually don't buy. These are great books. They're free for a limited time. Books for people who love to read. There are great fiction stories and some non-fiction books that have a personal point of view. Take a book or a few books. We are giving away free books until Nov 30th. This is our gift to you. Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas!


Paranormal Authors Giveaway

18th Oct - 31st Dec 2018

A special collection for Paranormal lovers. Discover exciting new Authors and download a few exciting reads... for free!!
Schedule some spoiling 'you time', grab your favorite cozy tipple, lock the door, turn off the phone, kick off your shoes, get snugly on the sofa and escape wide-eyed into another world... (sigh)... Enjoy x


Steamy Romance Collection

20th Oct - 31st Dec 2018

A special Collection for Steamy Romance Lovers; romance, erotica and LGBT. Discover new Authors and download a few books... they're FREE!!

Set aside some 'me time', turn off the phone, lock the door, grab a glass of something scrummy, kick off your shoes, snuggle up on the sofa and escape into an exciting loved-up world full of thrills spills, murder, martinis and more... (sigh).


Horror Science Fiction & Fantasy

20th Oct - 6th Nov 2018

Here's a boat load of free books for you. Be sure to join the author's mailing list as a thank you, leave reviews if you like what you read.


Murderous Intent Mustreads  

20th Oct - 31st Dec 2018

Murder Mayhem and Martinis... spoil yourself, grab a glass of wine, kick off your shoes, close the door, snuggle up on the sofa and escape into a good read.


Killer Reads     

28th  Oct - 3rd Nov 2018

Countless books have been written about the dramatic pursuit and ultimate takedown of people who have killed another human being. Some were sociopaths. Others killed in self-defense. Still others were just doing what they had been told to do. Some needed the money. Some burned for revenge. Their reasons are as numerous and varied as their crimes. But every killer has a story. Ever wonder why they did it?  Now you can find out.


Fall  into Paranormal Romance

29th Oct - 30th Nov 2018

Fall into Paranormal Romance book giveaway - from sweet to steamy. Including paranormal, urban fantasy & fantasy romance. Get your free books here!


Thankful November Giveaway      

1st – 30th Nov 2018

We have so much to be thankful for in November but who doesn't love Free Books?! Come snag some of the recent romance novels that have been released and enjoy reading under your cozy blanket.


Uncanny Kingdom

1st - 30th Nov 2018

Are you ready for a giant helping of FREE urban fantasay titles? Then browse these covers, select the titles you like the look of and follow the instructions to claim your free read. Happy hunting!


Dark Nights and Book Delights     

1st - 30th Nov 2018

The nights are getting longer and the air cooler, time to cozy up to a good book to get you imagination soaring! Take the night off and enjoy the calm before the holiday rush with a book that promises to take you away.


Fabulous Fall Finds

1st - 30th Nov 2018

Fall is the perfect time to curl up with a good book. And almost every book will fill the evenings. Pick from a wide variety of books-pick one, or pick them all. The evenings are long this time of year, so get comfy with a new book. You may discover a new favorite author.


Warmth of a Hot Book Giveaway   

1st Nov 2018  – 1st Feb 2019

Some naughty authors to make your winter sizzle with this hot book giveaway! Who needs a fireplace when these fiery reads will keep you hot and bothered! 100+ of the hottest reads imaginable. Warning: This is only for the naughtiest readers! Find out if you can handle the flames of desire!


50 Shades of XXX-MAS  

1st Nov 2018 – 3rd Jan 2019

Christmas. It's the most wonderful time of the year, so why not celebrate the festive fun with a one of these steamy erotic/romance books.


Christmas Holiday Giveaway SciFi & Fantasy

18th Nov - 25th Dec 2018

Celebrate Christmas and Holidays with our free gifts to you. Since this time of year only comes once, fill your stocking with a few or all of these selections and have plenty of reading. Our best wishes to you and yours. Please enjoy. Please share with your friends and family. Claim Your Copes Now.


Happy New Year from Romance Reads Book Club  

26th Dec 2018 - 31st Jan 2019

It's time to snuggle up with a hot beverage and a good book.


Bestseller SF & Fantasy 2019 

30th Dec - 29th Jan 2019

Find the Next SF and Fantasy Bestsellers - And The Authors Who Make Them.  Unlimited downloads - claim as many or all of them! While this giveaway lasts...
And spread the word. Share this to everyone you know, so these deserving authors can climb the bestseller lists!!


New Year, New Books

1st - 15th Jan 2019

Ready to start the New Year off with a bit of mystery? Pick from these great titles: full length and pre-views! Curl up in front of the fire and read your way through those winter evenings.


Winter Romance 2019 Giveaway

1st - 31st Jan 2019

Fing your next binge-worth romance read! Grab one or grab them all.


Full Steam Ahead 

1st Jan - 28th Feb 2019

Steamy Romance - Support these amazing writers, whose works you enjoy so much, by signing up to their newsletters and becoming a part of their author journey. The first book is on us!

No Billionaires Allowed

1st - 31st March 2019

Are you as sick of reading about Billionaires as we are of writing about them? Do you think Billionaire Romance more rightfully belongs in the Fantasy Department? If you love reading about real men and women, you have come to the right place. You don’t have to be a billionaire to enjoy these steamy romances, all it will cost you is your email 💋




A few more freebies...

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  • Deep desires you may be ignoring and what you can do to finally attain them...
  • Where you’ve been incorrectly putting your energy and how you can make an easy and effortless “switch” to end the struggle...
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FREE Chakra Tree of Life Pendant.

The Chakras are the 7 major energy centers that run along the spine. 7 colours for the 7 major centers; Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown Chakras, can have a powerful meaning in your life it you allow them. From the ancient tradition of Kabbalah, we know that The Tree of Life forms a sacred geometric grid on the body and that our body has Chakras.


FREE Body Boost Crystal

These Hexagonal Pointed Chakra Pendants are made from Natural Gemstones. Each Crystal has its own unique electromagnetic charge. These charges help remove energy blockages and restore balance to your body and mind. Is your spiritual energy being blocked? Chakras are the psychic energy centres of our bodies. When they become blocked it can lead to illness and prevent you from living your life in abundance. These crystals are designed to cleanse all 7 chakras and harness your spiritual energy to feel genuinely alive!


FREE Abundance Manifestation Pendant

Spiritual Seekers & Conscious Creators... What if you could magnify your manifesting powers today? Here’s a beautiful pendant featuring the 12,000 year old blueprint for the creation of matter, sound, and consciousness. It’s the Sri Yantra, an ancient mystical diagram is said to represent the supreme creator that transcends the Cosmos itself. With this pendant, you can hold it right in the palm of your hand. Used as a tool for meditation the Sri Yantra connects the user to the cosmic consciousness that creates all that is, ever was, or ever will be. In the Hindu religion, it quite literally connects you to the divine mind of the goddess of creation. In Sacred Geometry, it is the mathematically precise design that is the basis for everything that exists in nature. Here, it’s known as the Golden Ratio, which is why your pendant has a golden frame that encloses the sacred symbol.


FREE BOOK Sugar Belly Secret

The 'Sugar Belly Secret' book reveals: Fun, Simple, Natural, Weight Loss Strategy That Melts Away Your Extra Pounds Without Exercise Or Dieting (shipping fee only)


FREE GUIDE 5 Step Writing Blueprint

A 5 Step Writing Blueprint, revealing simple mindset and writing hacks to turn thoughts into words and the next "bestselling book", and build a cult-like following.


101 Quotes Alice In Wonderland

Gift idea for Alice In Wonderland lovers. Clever and whimsical quotes from Lewis Carroll books. 'We're all mad here' - Cheshire Cat.


Low Back Pain Survival Guide 

Reversed severe low back pain in 21 days, without pain pills, cortisone shots or physical therapy.


FREE 72 Make Money Online Ideas   

196-Page Amazon Book 'Discover 72 Internet Marketing Ideas That You Can Use To Make Money Online And Grow Your Business' (value $14.95, pay postage only)