Growing old doesn't mean...

During my daily storyline head-crunching dog walk, I bump into many lovely folk walking their dogs. We give polite 30 second chat about the weather (very British) whilst our dogs do their social media thing; chatting, sniffing out information and leaving messages. Today I met a sweet spritely little lady, 80 ish, who I regularly say hello to. We touched on the conversation of keeping trim.

Sweet Lady;    "Oh, I dont need to diet."

Me:                "No you don't, you're lovely and slim."

Sweet Lady;   "And I dont need to go to a gym."

Me;                "No... lucky you."

Sweet Lady;   "I have young lovers,"

Me;                "Wow, I see." (gobsmacked, so not expecting)

Sweet Lady;   "They keep me fit, I burn loads of calories."

Me;                "Oh really... how wonderful."  (lost for words) 

                     "Do you find many around here? "

Sweet Lady;    "No," (scoffs, wave of hand)

                      "Theres nothing here, I have to go into town for that."

Me;                 "Oh, I'm sorry, what a nuisance."

Sweet Lady;    "Its ok, I have my pensioner bus pass."

Me;                 "Well, thats a relief."

Just when am lost for what to say next, a 60 ish male walks past with his pooch. I'm immediately forgotten. The sweet little lady trotters off after the male, politely asking "Excuse me, is that a cockapoo?" I leave them to it, maybe she won't have to go into to town after all.

I often thank God for giving me wonderful fodder to write with. Even at my ripe old age, 50 ish, people never fail to amaze me. This lovely full of life lady has put a smile on my face; getting old doesnt mean you have to give everything up, I can still mess sheets in my 80's. I'm rather looking forward to it.

Never judge a book by its cover...

p.s. Am so not ever looking at the bus stop queue in the same way again. You go girls! :-)