SHABBY CHIC my Guilty Pleasure

Beware, I paint everything I touch!!

Shabby Chic is my guilty pleasure.

PROCRASTINATION "the action of delaying or postponing something."

See My Shabby Chic Writing Den HERE

Even my daughter and dogs get nervous when they see a paint brush in my hands for fear of them being next. Nothing is safe. I've had to step back from attacking my car though... (I'll find a way one day).

Some people clean the house, do the ironing, gardening, walk the dog, rebuild cars, tidy their knicker draw...  all in an effort to avoid sitting down at their computer and writing for hours. Mine is painting things white and blue, everything, and I mean everything, white and blue, heaven knows why?

I used to feel guilty about Shabby Chic'ing, knowing that it was my particular writer's procrastination, my way of avoiding work, but I just couldn't help myself.

I spend hours sorting through charity and second hand furniture shops sourcing items that reach out to me, begging to be upgraded. I take them home and spend days painting, sanding, waxing, giving them a loving touch. It lifts me soul, but the guilt of not working had been sitting on my shoulder nagging at me. "You should be writing," it chides.

Then I got to thinking, so what if I enjoy the process, so what if I spend less time at the computer. Maybe time-out is a good thing, after hours away doing my guilty pleasure, when I return the words are better, faster, more raw and powerful.

What if actually it's all ok? What if I was wrong?

(lightbulb moment)

What if procrastination has a healthy place in a writers life?

It may be the case that whilst delaying putting pen to paper, time-out  can actually help the process. Performing a creative or phsyical act uses a part of the brain that allows storylines to settle, ideas to come to the fore and detritus to fall away.

So, I'm gonna flick that nagging voice off my shoulder and no longer feel bad about this delicious guilty pleasure of mine. I'll even give it a Twitter , Pinterest and Facebook  page, so there!

I'll get to subconsciously sift through ideas, whilst helping the planet (recycling), give preloved finds a new lease of life and lounge in a lovely soothing blue and white home.

The blue and white feel sends me for some reason... maybe its something to do with the heavens and quite possibly has a role in my creation of The Fallen Angel Series (kickass crimefighting Angels dishing out karma in the skies).  I dont know, whatever it is I'm not gonna ask... let the magic keep coming.

Now, where's my paint brush?