Writers need pets for their sanity

I believe writers need pets... for their sanity.

A dog, cat, rabbit, hamster, horse, fish, snake.... whatever rocks your boat.

For Company;Writing can be lonely at times, having another heart beat in the room helps keep me sane. I have two dogs, a big white one and a small white one. The big white one is a Pyrenees called Dali, the little white one is her pet, Muttley, a MaltiPoo. Guess who's the boss? Yep, you've got it, the little'un.

For Writers Block; When the going gets tough, with hair-pulling story-lines and complex characters, they sense my stress levels are going through the roof, and know it's time to get me away from the computer and out for a walk.  Dali swipes her huge paw across my mouse sending it flying, and Muttley sits at my feet giving me the psychological 'walkies' stare. It works.... they are doing it now, this may be a short blog!!

For Good Health; Sitting at a computer all day is not good on my old body. Some pets need walkies.

They are SO right to get me up and out of the house, the minute I'm through the door, walking in the fresh air, things fall into place; problems get reshuffled into manageable bites, spaghetti storylines get unravelled, and life starts to calm.

There are way more important things to worry about, ie, which blade of grass to place that huge pooh on, and catching up on dog social media, sniffing out followers, and leaving little messages on every tree and gatepost.

They are wonderful co-writers. They know their job is to keep me sane, and I know my job is to give cuddles and dog biscuits. We make a great team.

THANK GOD FOR DOGS..... (am shouting).