Image of The Fallen Angel Series by S C Cunningham, The Deal, Karma, The Calling, an elite crime unit of ex-humans in the skies.



Multi-genre author S C Cunningham writes with a kick-ass, easy-to-read, fast-paced style. Her skilled mix of vivid characterisation, flawless dialogue, and explosive passion, have her works compared as Martina Cole meets American Psycho meets Fifty Shades.

Fiction; psychological rom thrillers, supernatural rom crime, steamy romance, and educational children's books. Her supernatural thriller The Deal is in film develpment. Non-fiction; Write That Book a how-to write books guide, Feel Good a how-to survive, stress, anxiety, and depression guide.  

"I'm old, I've been lucky enough to have led an interesting life which has ignited a font of stories to share. My passion is the power of words and justice. My job is to entertain and inspire, I hope I have done that. Enjoy!"  S C Cunningham


N.B. Have had many conversations lately with people wanting/needing to make life changes. Below are 2 links for free ebooks that may help with that change. Let's look out for each other!

*FREE 'Feel Good' PDF for those suffering with anxiety, MHFREE 'Write That Book' PDF for those making life changes

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