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5* "A must-read for aspiring authors." This no-nonsense, power-punching, must-have, gives courage, dispels fears, and provides the tools you need to begin your writer’s life. A straightforward no-frills guide to the story-structure plot points needed for a successful, captivating manuscript.

With practical next-step publishing and marketing solutions, Write That Book is an important addition to any beginner’s library. Built from over 20yrs of writing experience, it’s a one-hour read that’ll save years of wasted time, trial, error, and finance.



You're awesome, the rest is just stuff... 

Feeling sad or low is a normal response in these crazy times. The escalating momentum of life takes its toll on our well-being, sometimes resulting in mental exhaustion and depression. The good thing is that there are a few simple ways to take control and start feeling better.

The Feel Good easy-step guide offers ideas on how to jump-start the happiness process. From putting life into perspective, altering thought processes, making small lifestyle changes, distracting ruminating thoughts, taking more you-time, and where needed, seeking help from Wellbeing professionals. (Pre-Order)



"Write That Book is a crisp guide with easy-to-follow simple instructions for new writers to get started on their journey as an author. It helps to debunk worries and empower them with feelings of self-accomplishment."

“Cunningham provides a much-needed pep talk and call to action that will have you inspired and motivated to pick up that pen and get writing!"

"A must-read for an aspiring writer who wants to learn how to start writing, publish, and market their book professionally. I recommend reading in one sitting and then revising it again to make a list of action items to follow."

"Short, thorough, supportive, effective, well-written handbook, with plenty of advice, suggestions, and tools."

"Whether you are writing fiction or non-fiction, there is so much for writers to take away from this helpful and inspiring guide, and I cannot recommend it highly enough!”

"For motivation, read it every few months to keep track of your progress and to give yourself a boost."

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