Steamy Psychological Thriller

CAUTION This one comes with a warning!

Grab a glass of wine, close the bedroom door, and read alone!

Hard-hitting and powerful, this intoxicating thriller has it all; obsession, kidnap, murder, power, glamour, secrets, lies, lust, revenge, and wicked moments of laugh out loud.

Set in the colourful underbelly of glitterati London and the stunning Amalfi Coast, family, friends, sweethearts, stalkers, prostitutes, ex SAS, footballers, their WAG's, and the British press, all pay the price for toxic childhood secrets.

A brave, terrifying, and pulsating read, fuelled by first rate storytelling, set to inject new life into the fiction market. 


"Would love to meet someone who writes like this!"

"Holy Shit is all I can say! Make an AMAZING film!"

"Writing doesn't get better than this!"

"5* Explosive, visceral, compelling, my top 5 reads."

"I admire this author, she isn't afraid to push boundaries."

"Gripping. Masterful. Blown away. Speechless!"


The Penance List has been adapted to film screenplay.

"The Penance List script SIZZLES! An erotic, neurotic, sensual vision that's rather stunning." Dean Krystek, WordLink

Book cover of The Penance List, steamy psychological thriller from The David Trilogy, by author S C Cunningham


Revenge is sweet.

We understand the boy, but fear the man he has become. As evil steps centre stage, all hell breaks loose.

David has arrived!


Book cover for Unfinished Business, steamy psychological thriller from The David Trilogy, by author S C Cunningham


What happens when a victim has had enough of her stalker, stops running, stands still, and turns to face him?

David learns that pushing a human to their limits, until they are unafraid of death, is a dangerous exercise.

His vengeance may not be quite as sweet as expected.

Hunter has become prey.


Book cover of For My Sins, steamy psychological thriller from The David Trilogy, by author S C Cunningham.


David continues his killing spree, managing to stay one step ahead of the law and his enemies, but for how long?

Someone stronger than he has plans for his future, he has no idea what he's in for.

Will he accept the challenge?




“Writing doesn’t get much better than this.”

"I raise a glass, I'd love to meet anyone who writes like this."

"Blown away to the point of speechless, shocking, vivid, bloody well written!"

"I read in one sitting! It was BRILLIANT!"

“Boy, if anyone can write about sex this lady can!”

“It SIZZLES! An erotic, neurotic, sensual vision. Stunning.”

"Have to say the book is fabulous, genuinely brilliant!"

"Her characters are sultry and as real as they can get.”

“It makes you shiver, it makes you laugh out loud.”

“My God you shocked my shoes off. Excellent work!"

“Gay or straight the characters are sexy.”

“A complete turn-on from start to finish.”

“The end twist is a complete surprise.”

“It intrigues you, it arouses you.”

“Shocking, an eye-opener! Cunningham writes stunning accounts of the rich and famous! I was mesmerized by the way these people live and act and read the book in one sitting. All I can say is I can't wait for the follow-up to this eye-opening account of stars and athletes."

"God I loved your book! It was intense, great narration, and wonderful dialogue.”

"Bravo Ms. Cunningham - keep writing everything you have ever seen because I find it quite exotic and crazy."

"You're a very brave lady Ms C, I love what you've done: you've somehow given us all the things we want to read about in one."

“I bought this book yesterday and have just finished it this morning. I couldn't put it down. BRILLIANT."

“A mind-bending instant classic. Be on the lookout for more from this immensely talented rising literary star.”

“I listened to the audio and loved it! It's sexy, highly amusing, and has the ability to draw you in. I enjoyed it so much I have bought four copies for my friends.”

"Couldn't put it down, a real page-turner. Nicely crafted, in a category all of its own. Would make a great film. I look forward to the sequels. Well done!”

"Bravo! Cunningham artfully weaves a compelling, delicious, salacious, novel that offers a new twist on the modern romance and the classic psychological thriller. A fabulous read for those who dare!''

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