The David Trilogy

How much blood must fall to erase a childhood memory? We understand the boy but fear the man he has become. As David continues to evade police, gathering help from unusual parties, he has to wonder their reason.

Will the voices in his head desist? Will he be able to redeem himself? Someone stronger than him has plans for him. (pre-order)



"I'm ashamed to say even the sadistic bits have erotic appeal - and no writer's ever done that for me before!!"

"It makes you shiver, it makes you laugh out loud, it intrigues you, it arouses you..."

"I love what you've done: you've somehow given us all the things we want to read about in one."

"Cunningham writes with insight and passion. I was entertained from start to finish."

"David has something for everyone. Lesbian, gay, hetero, bi, metro and of course anyone that loves a good murder mystery."

"Shocking & an eye-opener! S C Cunningham writes stunning accounts of the rich and famous!"

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